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neni nad to mit originalni foto na FaceBook ;o)) - 27. 12. 2009 01:46 http://www.skydivingfatalities.info/search.asp?MinDate=1%2F1%2F2008&MaxDate=31%2F12%2F2008&Country=US&CountryOp=%3D

Date Location Category Age # Jumps AAD?/RSL? Dropzone.com Report Dropzone.com Discussion
6/7/2008 Skydive Duanesberg, NY SUI 29 0 / 338 #3232178
DropZone.com Description: Person was flying as an observer on the Cessna 182 aircraft with out a parachute. When the tandem and videoflyer exited the man took off his seatbelt and jumped out of the airplane before the pilot could stop him. The man was seen in freefall falling on his back taking pictures of himself. He struck a house roof on the ground.

Letel jako divak s tandemem a pote co tandem vyskocil, tak se vrhnul za nimi bez padaku. Byl viden v poloze na zadech, jak se foti. Profrcel strechou domu.
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